10 Ways to Leverage the Medicare Lock-In

10 Ways to Leverage the Medicare Lock-In

There are certain questions you should be asking yourself every day, including:

  • How can I compliantly reach Medicare beneficiaries during the lock-in period?
  • What is my competition doing?
  • How can I become more successful?

The answer is that a successful agent is always coming up with new ways to leverage their lead opportunities and generate new business. You may think that you are limited on how you can reach Medicare clients because of the compliance restrictions, but there are many ways to compliantly build your book of business and ultimately earn that steady flow of referrals throughout the year.

10 Ways to Leverage the Medicare Lock-In

  1. Reach out to your contracted carriers directly and express interest in working their leads, or presenting on the carrier's behalf.
  2. Order leads from a lead vendor. Use target marketing and focus on the clients who are turning 65 or have special election periods.
  3. Send out a personalized letter or postcard advertising your agency and your services. Make the customer want to contact you. Make them think they need your help!
  4. Create a website, and actively participate in social media to promote your business. Post interesting topics and customer reviews.
  5. Reach out to senior centers, go to expo's, sponsor events, volunteer, and connect with your community. It's all about exposure!
  6. Hand out business cards, promotional items, brochures, thank you cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards.
  7. Partner with other insurance agents and financial advisors that do not specialize in Medicare. Arrange a referral exchange agreement.
  8. Work your current book of business and ask for referrals. Check in on your clients throughout the year and ask how their health plans are working for them. While in conversation, ask if they know anyone who also may need help with Medicare.
  9. You can compliantly sell over the phone. Don't limit yourself to only face-to-face appointments.
  10. Sell other health and ancillary products that can be sold throughout the year.

Once you have the leads, don't waste them! Work them!

Don't give up after only one outreach to the prospect. Many sales are lost simply because the agent didn't want to bother or inconvenience the beneficiary. There are many ways to politely follow up with a prospect. After all, they expressed initial interest; you are simply there to educate and assist them with their options. After your initial phone call, send them a letter. After your first letter, send them a different letter a month later. You never know what might spark their interest.

Over the years we've gathered feedback from our experienced agents and have learned what marketing strategies are the most successful, focusing on certain markets and demographics. Even something as little as tweaking your phone script when speaking with new prospects may be all you need to increase your success rate.

The Medicare Offerings team is here to help you brainstorm and answer questions. Comment below or contact us at 717-540-5690 x5.

We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your ideas! 

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Donald Ridinger on Friday, 03 July 2020 04:25

Excellent article Janine! Long time no see.

Excellent article Janine! Long time no see.
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