The Scoop on the Scope of Appointment

The Scoop on the Scope of Appointment

The Scope of Appointment (SoA) is like an American Express card, you don't leave the appointment without it. We'll show you how to use this form correctly and compliantly.

There are many rules and regulations set up by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to help protect seniors. In mid-September 2008, they introduced the Scope of Appointment form to combat the groundswell of marketing abuses. The SoA is a form that is used to document an appointment (in-person or telephonically) with a beneficiary to ensure that no other types of products are discussed outside of what the beneficiary originally requested.

It seems like such a simple form, but it raises the most questions. To help alleviate some of the questions that we receive, we have created a Scope of Appointment Quick Reference Guide that answers some of the frequently asked questions.


  • When do I need to obtain the SoA?
  • How long is a SoA good for?
  • How long do I need to keep the SoA?

We have developed a series of Quick Reference Guides, crafted to make your Medicare sales easier. Check back frequently, they are being added often.

Scope of Appointment
Quick Reference Guide

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