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At URL we're in the people business. Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients have to say.

"When my Medicare guy decided to retire we started to search for someone to write Medicare for our Agency. I had a client that wanted to work in this line so we went through the process of getting her licensed and trained but after a year she decided it was not for her. At this point I was ready to give up and find someone to refer clients to, I happen to be on URL’s site for annuities and noticed the Orion info, I opened and started to read to my surprise it told me URL has a program in place. I made a phone call and before I knew it a very sharp young lady shows up at my office and introduced herself. I can tell you from past experience as soon as I spoke with her I knew that she understood Medicare and our clients love her. If you are looking to promote Medicare Insurance you need to check out this program."


"Thank you all for helping make this happen. Rich and his wife are really nice people and I enjoy working with them. Because of our close relationship it was important to me that I referred them to someone I knew was going to provide the, the best possible alternatives. URL has always been a real pleasure to work with and I value our relationship greatly."


“The Orion program was instrumental in ensuring that my Medicare Supplement clients have the appropriate Part D Drug plan. I know that when I refer them to URL, that they will get a fully researched and appropriate recommendation that will inform them as to premium costs and probable drug costs for the upcoming year.

In every interaction that I have had with Orion staff, they consistently go above and beyond the call of duty in not only ensuring that my clients have the right plan; but they have also, in every case, followed up to make sure the plan was implemented, and the client satisfied. URL is my first and only call when I need to help my Medicare clients enroll in the right plan.”


“There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that my clients trust me, even when their circumstances change. I cannot go with all of them when they leave PA, but I can refer them to a trusted colleague with Orion services who can help them wherever they go.

Being an agent partner with URL opens a lot of doors that might have otherwise closed, not only for me, but for my clients. Having the ability to refer them to someone I know takes a huge burden off their shoulders and gives me the peace of mind that they will be well cared for by a professional I trust.”


“I use Orion Client Services to help clients from my existing book of business who are either over, or turning, age 65. I refer clients through Orion because of your knowledge, expertise, and changes with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement markets. Health insurance for seniors can be very challenging, so it's nice to have an expert that can help. My clients really appreciate it. Thank you.”


“Orion Client Services allow me to generate additional revenue with little work to provide the referral to URL. It's a nice option, especially when you don't have a carrier to meet the client's need, and don't want to go through the process of becoming appointed with another carrier.

Orion works well if you are too busy to properly handle a specific opportunity. It's also nice to know my referral is in good hands and they are taken care of timely and professionally.”


“In my opinion Orion is URL’s best kept secret. As an agent specializing in detailed retirement planning, many times our business sees an overflow of clients. In the past this would have been not only a waste of business, but a shot to our credibility as well. With Orion Client Services, we just simply hand our appointment with that client over and they take care of the rest. I like to think of Orion as the proverbial “sixth man” off the bench.

I’ve been doing business with URL for over 20 years. I love what they bring to my business, not only their expertise, but their willingness to collaborate for the best outcome of our clients. If you’re an agent looking to grow your business, I highly recommend looking into how Orion can help you leverage and grow your business without any extra effort on your part.”


“The primary reason I use Orion Client Services is during the Medicare AEP. With over 1,300 Medicare households, I could no longer keep up with the demand for Part D reviews. This year I'm looking to refer hundreds of clients to lighten my workload. I have also referred some of my Medicare Supplement clients who were looking for Part D Plans which I don’t represent, or living in states where I am not licensed.

URL has been very professional, and I have been pleased with the service they've provided my clients. I look forward to our ongoing partnership.”


“In my opinion, Orion is 100% a 'win-win-win' program that I highly recommend to any producer. Although I started in the insurance business in 1994 primarily writing life insurance, I have since transitioned to mainly working with Medicare products. Thus, I am a little out of the loop in regards to current life insurance industry trends.

My relationship with URL allows me to comfortably recommend any clients that inquire about life insurance coverage to them. I know that URL will professionally handle these requests, and provide my clients with the best products and service available. That way I can remain focused on my Medicare business, while still receiving a referral fee for any life insurance business that URL writes. I have full confidence that they are taking excellent care of my clients.”


“As an agent, the Orion referral program gave me the confidence to sell knowing that my clients will be taken care of beyond their expectations. I was well compensated just for handing URL the work! The Orion program added value and loyalty to my book of business.”


“Orion Client Services has been a great fit for our company. The process is simple, and it allows us to deliver on our promise to our clients of being a full-service insurance firm. Our clients view URL as being a part of our team, which gives us a truly professional image. We are relieved to rely on their expertise so that we can focus on our core product strengths and niches.

Orion has been very successful for client retention and increasing our firm’s revenues. Best of all, the program has benefited our clients by providing them exceptional advice and value in a challenging area for most businesses and business owners.”


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